Alg 2

Expressions, Equations and Inequalities I am struggling can someone please explain how to get the correct answer choice thank you!

1. Which of the following is equal to (3x/5-7)+7


5. name the property of real numbers illustrated by the equation.
(2+square root 5)+3=2+(square root 5+3)

communative prop of mult
asso prop of mult
asso prop of add
dist prop

6. pi times 7=7 times pi

assoc prop mul
com prop mul
com prop add

12. James has $40 to spend. He wants to buy two tickets to a show. He has to spend $7 to get to where tickets are sold. 2x +7 less than or equal to 40.
what is the solution to the ineqaulity?

x lessthan equal to 23.5
x less than equal to 16.5
x gtet 23.5
x gtet 16.5

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asked by Missy
  1. You did not indicate what your choices are

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    posted by Reiny
  2. Sorry my bad
    1. c
    5. c
    6. b

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    posted by Missy
  3. 1B

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    posted by Steve

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