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8. Which of the following is a successful result of the Reconstruction? (1 point)
states could limit voting rights in elections
more African Americans could go to school
segregation kept the races apart or separate
sharecropping helped poor blacks own land

6. Which of the following was an effect of the Emancipation Proclamation? (1 point)
For Northerners it redefined the war as being about slavery.
It made the Southerners' feel they should negotiate to end the war.
Republicans gained support in the next election.
African Americas were upset with Lincoln and refused to join the war.


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asked by cj
  1. 8. c -- No
    6. a -- Yes

  2. 8.d

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    posted by cj
  3. No. I've checked two of your guesses. You're on your own now.

  4. Do you have the answers Cj?

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    posted by Echo
  5. bruh #8 should've been b

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    posted by Naomi

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