Explain the terms, Molar mass and Avogadro's number?

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    A hydrate of zinc chlorate, Zn(ClO3)2 .xH2O(s) contains 21.5% zinc by mass. Find the value of x. What I've done: Molar mass of Zn: 65.409 g/mol Molar mass of Cl: 2*35.453 =70.906 g/mol Molar mass of O: 6*15.9994 =95.9964 g/mol

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    Calculate the molar mass in gmol-1 of h3x.nh20 mass:2.07g volume:21.35 there are 2 equations for concentration: n(h3x.nh20)=c(h3x.nh20) x 250cm3/1000 n(h3x.nh20)= c(h3x.nh20) x 21.35/1000 multiply both sides and make the

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    Use these data to estimate Avogadro's number. Palladium crystallizes with a face-centered cubic structure. It has a density of 12.0g/cm^3 , a radius of 138 pm , and a molar mass of 106.42 g/mol .

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    Why is Avogadro’s number referred to as a mole? A The name "mole" is an 1897 translation of the German Mol, coined by Wilhelm Ostwald in 1893. The name is assumed to be derived from the German word Molekül (molecule). B There

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