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  1. simplest way to explain:

    the mosaic is 3 ft by 5 ft or
    36 inches by 60 inches
    for a total area of 2160 square inches

    each time covers 6x12 or 72 square inches
    number of tiles = 2160/72 = 30 tiles


    since the length is 60 inches, we can stand 10 tiles in the first row.
    it is 36 inches high, and each tile is 12 inches, so we need 3 rows of 10 tiles or 30 tiles


    we could lay the tiles on their sides, so we can only place 5 tiles in the bottom row,
    but the mosaic is 36 inches high and each tile is 6 inches high, so we can use 6 rows.
    number of tiles = 5x6 or 30 tiles

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