What is the cube of 8? 

A. 512
B. 24
C. 64
D. 2


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  1. 8*8 = 64
    64*8 = 512

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  2. Ms.Sue can you explain this problem for me please.

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  3. Look
    8^1 = 8
    8^2 = 8*8 = 64
    8^3 = 8*8*8 = 64 * 8 = 512
    8^4 = 8*8*8*8 = 512 * 8 = 4096
    8^5 = 4096*8 = 32768

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  4. Damon is right.

    Did you possibly mean the cube root of 8?

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    Ms. Sue

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