Find x

√2x/9.81= √(300+h)^2+60^2/150

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  1. Sorry it was:

    √2x/9.81= √(300+x)^2+60^2/150

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  2. I'll go out on a limb here and assume you meant

    (√2x)/9.81= √((300+x)^2+60^2)/150
    square both sides and you have (roughly)

    4x/96 = (x^2+600x+93600)/22500
    2x^2-675x+187200 = 0
    that has no real roots.

    So, if I got it wrong, fix it and solve using the same method. Here's how wolframalpha worked it.^2%2B60^2%29%2F150

    If I got the syntax wrong, adjust the input and see the new solution.

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