I am working on a review worksheet and there are 2 problems I can't remember how to do. Each question has 6 other questions, so helping me with these will remind me how to do the others! Thank you!!

1.2(x+5) = 1.6(2x+5)


Solve for y
a(y+c) = b(y-c)

Thank you again!


asked by Jeffrey
  1. These are just exercises using the distributive property. Clear parentheses to get started.

    1.2(x+5) = 1.6(2x+5)
    1.2x + 6.0 = 3.2x + 8.0
    2.0x = -2.0
    x = -1.0
    Or, if you dislike decimals, multiply by 5 to start with:
    6(x+5) = 8(2x+5)
    6x+30 = 16x+40
    10x = -10
    x = -1

    a(y+c) = b(y-c)
    ay+ac = by-bc
    ay-by = -bc-ac
    y(a-b) = -c(b+a)
    y = -c(b+a)/(a-b)
    or, y = c * (b+a)/(b-a)

    posted by Steve
  2. Got it!

    Thank you Steve!

    posted by Jeffrey

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