Consider a lake of constant volume 12200 km^3, which at time t contains an amount y(t) tons of pollutant evenly distributed throughout the lake with a concentration y(t)/12200 tons/km^3.
assume that fresh water enters the lake at a rate of 67.1 km^3/yr, and that water leaves the lake at the same rate. suppose that pollutants are added directly to the lake at a constant rate of 550 tons/yr.

A) write a differential equation for y(t).

B) solve the differential equation for initial condition y(0)=200000 to get an expression for y(t). Use your solution to y(t) to describe in practical terms what happens to the amount of pollutants in the lake as t goes from 0 to infinity.

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  1. answer the question

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  2. yes someone please answer this question

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  3. for part a -

    for part b -
    you can solve it with that initial condition :)

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  4. o i just realized im 5 years late

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