I have 8 questions and 1 question in the end that I don't need help with.

Identify possible variables in the following situations.

What variables can affect the sprouting of a bean seed?
I think (I didn't answer yet so I'll just go with what I think oh and these aren't multi choice questions):
Variable 1: Amount of water given
Variable 2: Amount of sunlight given
Variable 3: Location
Variable 4: Type of soil

What variables can affect the number books sold by a door-to-door salesperson?
I think:
Variable 1: Appearance of the salesperson
Variable 2: The type of book or genre
Variable 3: The price of the books
Variable 4: Amount of books

What variables can affect the number of fish in a lake? I answered:
Variable 1: (blank)
Variable 2: Amount of oil spills in the lake
Variable 3: Amount of food in the lake
Variable 4: Amount of water in the lake

What variables can affect attendance at a football game? I answered for Variable 1: The severity and amount of injuries
I think:
Variable 2: How heavy the rain is
Variable 3: Severity of illness
Variable 4: Traffic and parking

What variables can affect the number of eggs laid by a chicken? (If you can provide me some keywords for this or tell me to just search this on google or something that'll be fine and great as well because I don't know that much about chickens)
I answered:
Variable 1: Food given to chicken
I stolen these answers:
Variable 2: Age of chicken
Variable 3: Health of chicken
Variable 4: Type of breed of chicken ( not sure about this )
(if any of these variables are wrong I have extra variables)

What variables can affect the taste of a soft drink?
I answered:
Variable 1: Amount of sugar
Variable 2: Amount of syrup
Variable 3: Amount of juice (not sure about this one)
I stolen:
Variable 4: Flavoring

What variables can affect the fruit produced by an apple tree?
I think:
Variable 1: Type of soil
Variable 2: Amount sunlight given
Variable 3: Amount of fertilizer given (?)
I stolen:
Variable 4: Growth of tree
Extras: Lack of the right pollinator
Amount or severity of heatwave during blooming

What variables can affect the speed of a runner in a 100-yard dash?
I answered:
Variable 1: Stamina
I think:
Variable 2: Severity of wind
Variable 3: Food eaten
Variable 4: Strength of the legs (?, confirm)

Thank you!~

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  1. 8 questions and 1 question in the end on my worksheet, but I have 8 questions on this site to ask so I don't have 9 questions

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  2. Well, I got the level of ground, like if its an incline or decline for the last question. Science teacher gave me the same handout.

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  3. How

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  4. What is -346÷897=?

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  5. There is no Vall

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  6. Thank u

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  7. Thank you so much having an A grade is really important to me!

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