ERD of _ A patient can make many appointments with one or more doctors in the clinic, and a doctor can accept
appointments with many patients. However, each appointment is made with only one doctor and one
_ Emergency cases do not require an appointment. However, for appointment management purposes, an
emergency is entered in the appointment book as “unscheduled.”
_ If kept, an appointment yields a visit with the doctor specified in the appointment. The visit yields a diagnosis
and, when appropriate, treatment.
_ With each visit, the patient’s records are updated to provide a medical history.
_ Each patient visit creates a bill. Each patient visit is billed by one doctor, and each doctor can bill many
_ Each bill must be paid. However, a bill may be paid in many installments, and a payment may cover more
than one bill.
_ A patient may pay the bill directly, or the bill may be the basis for a claim submitted to an insurance
_ If the bill is paid by an insurance company, the deductible is submitted to the patient for payment.

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  1. You Can Call Dr.Smitha. she has the answer.
    and don't forget this week you have a presentation for this moodle.

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