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For the following set, which number has the largest absolute value?


Possible Answer of choice:

wouldn't it be postive 20 but its not within the choices.

What is the absolute value of -20?

Absolute value is the distance to 0 on a number line, so it is always positive. The absolute value of -x is x, and the absolute value of x is x too. Therefore, we can rule out C and D because absolute value cannot be negative. The answer would be 20, though that is not a choice, so the best answer is B 19.

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asked by jasmine20
  1. The answer would be negative 20 because it's not asking for the absolute value. It's asking for the number with the absolute value. Negative 20 has the absolute value. Therefore, the answer is c, negative 20

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    posted by Sasha
  2. Etta bought 11.5 yards of fabric selling for $0.90 per yard. What was the total cost?

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    posted by kobe

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