Siberia is a giant, semi-arctic region encompassing most of northern Asia. Most of Siberia is, or has once been, part of Russia or the Soviet Union. Much of Siberia is frozen and empty. Though Siberia contributes almost 80% of Russia's land area, only a quarter of Russia's population lives there, mainly huddled along the territory's southern fringe. Siberia is perhaps best known for the infamous prison labor camps known as the Gulag, where Russia (and later the Soviet Union) sent many of the nation's prisoners. Because of the Gulag, the name "Siberia" has become international slang for an undesirable, remote location
83) . Which of the following proposed titles best captures the theme of the passage?
A. Siberia: Russia's Vast, Inhospitable Expanse
B. Siberia: Surviving in the Great Wilderness of Northern Asia
C. Siberia: The Role of the Gulag in Soviet Life
D. Siberia: Life in the Arctic Fringe

I thank the correct is D

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  1. I disagree.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Is it B?

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  3. I don't think it's either B or D. The author doesn't tell us how to survive or what life is like in Siberia.

    I've checked two of your answers. Now you're on your own.

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    Ms. Sue

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