Applied Geometry

What is the volume of a right triangular pyramid whose base is 3 meters on each side and whose altitude is 4 meters?

4.5 m3

3.9 m3

5.2 m3

Are the possible answers, I calculated 3 square root 3 m3, which simplified was 5.19, so I think it is 5.2m3. Can you please give me your opinion? If it is not 5.2, I do not want the answer, can you list the calculation you used so I can work it out. I want to understand how to get the answer. Thank you

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  1. The area of an equilateral triangle with sides of 3 is

    1/4 * 3^2 * √3
    So, the volume of the pyramid is

    1/3 (9√3/4)(4) = 3√3 = 5.2

    You are correct.

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  2. Thank you so much for showing me how you got there. You are awesome!

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