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The novel to kill a mockingbird feature a main character named scout. Scout is also the voice that tells the story. What point of view is used in the novel?

A.First Person
B.Third-Person Limited<-----------
C.Third-Person Omniscient

The prefix a- can mean "none" or "not." Based on your knowledge of the Greek word root pathos, what is the most likely meaning of the word apathy?

A.the absence of a direction
B.the absence of feeling <--------
C.the absence of disease

Identify the antecedent for the underlined pronoun in the sentence below. The boy was excited about his date with Sheila, but he didn't know how it would turn out.

A.boy <------
B. date

I'm not sure if this is correct so if you could please help thank you. -Bill

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  1. 1.A
    3.c <---i think

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  2. The correct answers are

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  3. Like Santana said the answers are
    1. A
    2. B
    3. B

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