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The zoo hot some new giraffe. The zookeeper asked the helper to deliver one bucket of food to each new giraffe. The zookeeper gave his helper some clues about how many new zebras needed food. Here is the clue .
There are more than 15 but fewer than 25. It is an odd number. The sum of the digit is 5. How many buckets does the helper need?

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  1. since the number is between 15 and 25, it must start with a 1 or a 2

    case1: it starts with a 1
    since the sum of the digits is 5, the unit digit is 4, making the number 14.
    But it has to greater than 15. So that case is out.

    case2: it starts with a 2
    then the other digit is 3
    and the number is 23

    btw, is he feeding giraffes or zebras ?
    In my solution, I assumed you had a typo.

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