Ray is late for work, but would like to drink some coffee before he leaves. The coffee in the pot is too hot, so Ray puts 20 small ice cubes in a mug before pouring in the coffee. The ice cubes measure 1 cm per side. The mug is cylindrical, and has a height of 9 cm and a base of 7 cm. What is volume of the coffee that will fill the mug after the ice cubes have been added (round to the nearest whole number)?

A) 113 cm3.

B) 326 cm3.

C) 346 cm3.

D) 424 cm3.

is it B?

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  1. V,cube = sidelength^3
    V,cube = (1 cm)^3
    V,cube = 1 cm^3

    Since there are 20 ice cubes, V = 20 cm^3

    V,cylinder = pi * r^2 * h
    V,cylinder = 3.14 * 3.5^2 * 9
    V,cylinder = 346.185 cm^3

    This is the volume of mug when full.

    Since 20 cm^3 is allotted for the ice cube, thus,
    346.185 - 20 = 326.185 cm^3

    Yes it's B.
    Hope this helps~ `u`

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  2. Jai is right^

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