Question(1):Show that the curve y=x^2-3x-5 passes through the point (5,5),(4,-1),(2,-7),(0,-5) and (-t,5) calculate the gradient at each pont. question(2):given a 5by5 matrices with determinant equal zero and the same determinant of its interior element equals zero question(3):A community yield #200 per annum for much does it cost,if the current markrt interest rate is 7%?: pls with explanation

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  1. Hey, you have not even showed your attempt. I am sure you can do the first part.
    You do not say if you know how to take derivatives. What is the second question?

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  2. I can battle with qustion (1), but look at 2&3 i don.t even know were to start from pls help

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  3. You did not tell me if you have had any calculus. I do not like taking limits to find gradients.

    putting in 5 and 4 and 2 and 0 and -t for x
    and seeing what y is for each should not be too much for you.
    I already passed this course. It is your turn.

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