5. For the data presented below, answer the questions that follow.

Score on political Score on current
Individual awareness test events test
1 24 23
2 16 12
3 11 11
4 9 6
5 8 13
6 14 11
7 17 16
8 19 16
9 21 21
10 25 25
11 18 11
12 13 13
13 11 14
14 6 10
15 9 10
16 12 7
a. Construct a scatterplot.
b. Draw a regression line through the data point that “fits” the data points reasonably well.
c. Enclose the data points with a ellipse.
d. Estimate the direction of the correlation.
e. Estimate the strength of the correlation coefficient.
f. Now, use only the data points associated with current event scores of 15 and lower and indicate the effects this has on the direction and strength of the correlation coefficient.
g. Explain why this is the case.
h. Explain in words what a non-truncated scatterplot means.
i. Identify how likely it is that a causal relationship has been indicated.

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