if the price of an orange was raised by 1/2k per orange, the number of oranges a customer can buy for #2.40 wil be less than 16.what is the price of an orange

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  1. not sure what the "k" is, but assuming it's a currency symbol, we have, letting the price be p per orange,

    2.40/(p + 1/2) < 16
    2.40 < 16p + 8
    -5.60 < p

    That indicates that p can be any positive value.

    Better explain just what you want to know.

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  2. Let x represent the price of an orange and

    y represent the number of oranges that can be bought

    xy = 240k, y = 240x.....(i)

    If the price of an oranges is raised by 12k per orange, number that can be bought for N240 is reduced by 16

    Hence, y - 16 = \frac{240}{x + \frac{1}{2}

    = 4802x+1

    = 4802x+1.....(ii)

    subt. for y in eqn (ii) 240x - 16

    = 4802x+1

    = 240−16xx

    = 4802x+1

    = (240 - 16x)(2x + 1)

    = 480x

    = 480x + 240 - 32x2 - 16

    480x = 224 - 32x2

    x2 = 7

    x = 7–√

    = 2.5k

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