Country A has a growth rate of 2.1% per year. The population is currently 5,747,000 and the land area of Country A is 36,000,000,000 square yards. Assuming this growth rate continues and is exponential, after how long will there be one person for every square yard of land.This will happen in what years?

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  1. 5,747 * 1.021^n = 36,000,000

    1.021^n = 36,000,000/5,747 =

    n = log (36,000,000 / 5,747)/log 1.021

    = 421
    1.021^421 = 6307
    6307*5,747,000 = 3.6*10^10
    = 3.6*10,000,000,000 =36,000,000,000
    sure enough

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