Using evidence from Orwell’s essay, respond to current events, and draw from personal experience in order to write a well-organized paragraph in which you persuade your reader that the English language either is, or is not, improving over time?

Can someone please help me with this assignement, i have read the essay but it makes no sense to me so if someone has read Orwells's politics and english language essay please tell me if its improving or not over time?

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  1. Which essay did you read?

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Is this the essay?


    You're being asked for YOUR opinion, not some anonymous online tutor's opinion. Do you think the English language is getting better or worse? Why>

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    Ms. Sue
  3. Yes that's the essay and i think its getting worse because of the following reasons:Modern English is full of bad habits and bad writing. The first is staleness of imagery; the other is lack of precision. The writer either has a meaning and cannot express it, or he inadvertently says something else, or he is almost indifferent as to whether his words mean anything or not.
    Dying metaphors. A newly-invented metaphor assists thought by evoking a visual image, while on the other hand a metaphor which is technically "dead" (e.g., iron resolution) has in effect reverted to being an ordinary word and can generally be used without loss of vividness.
    Words like romantic, plastic, values, human, dead, sentimental, natural, vitality, as used in art criticism, are strictly meaningless, in the sense that they not only do not point to any discoverable object, but are hardly even expected to do so by the reader.
    Operators, or verbal false limbs. These save the trouble of picking out appropriate verbs and nouns, and at the same time pad each sentence with extra syllables which give it an appearance of symmetry.

    Is this right?

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  4. Yes. Good.

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    Ms. Sue

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