show that the weight of an object on moon is one-sixth of its weight on the earth
given mass of earth=5.98*10power24kg,
radius of earth=6.37*10power6m.
given mass of moon=7.36*10power22kg,
radius of moon=1.74*10power6m.

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asked by fatin
  1. F = G M m/R^2
    F/m = G M/R^2 = g wherever

    G Me/Re^2 = g earth
    G Mm /Rm^2 = g moon
    g moon / g earth = (Mm/Me)(Re/Rm)^2

    = (7.36/5.98)(10^-2)(6.37/1.74)^2

    = .165

    1/.165 = 6.06

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    posted by Damon
  2. This answer was really helpful to me.........

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    posted by AAYUSHI

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