Language Arts

Combinig sentences with prepositions

1)The smell came from his dirty feet.
The smell was in the room.

2)Mrs.Thompson bought a house.
The house was in a new neighborhood.

3)The children are looking for toys.
Thay are looking around the house.

4)The orchestra began the overture.
It began at seven o'clock.

5)The clothes are black and white.
The clothes are in the closet.

6)The dogs slept peacefully.
The dogs were on the sofa.

7)The student spoke to the principal.
He was in trouble.

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asked by Chris
  1. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. If you are to combine these sentences with the prepositions, where are YOUR answers? We HELP after you DO your work.


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    posted by SraJMcGin

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