You have two beakers, one filled to the 100 mL mark with sugar (mass of sugar 180.0 g) and the other filled to the 100 mL mark with water (m of water 100.0 g). You pour all the sugar and all the water together in a bigger beaker and stir until the sugar is completely dissolved.

a. Which of the following is true about the mass of the solution. Explain.
i. it is much greater than 280.0 g.
ii. it is somewhat greater than 280.0 g
iii. it is exactly 280.0 g
iv. it is somewhat less than 280.0 g
v. it is much less than 280.0 g

b. Which is true about the volume of the solution. Explain.
i. it is much greater than 200.0 mL
ii. it is somewhat greater than 200.0 mL
iii. it is exactly 200.0 mL
iv. it is somewhat less than 200.0 mL
v. it is much less than 200.0 mL

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  1. a. is iii. 100 g H2O + 100 g sugar = 280 g total. That's the law of conservation of mass. 100 + 180 = 280.

    b. is v. Solid sugar added to the water will dissolve and leave the volume a little more than 100 mL. The only one that fits is v; i.e., a little more than 100 is much less than 200 mL.

    In the future you should show what you think the correct answer is and why you chose that answer.

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  2. a) iii.
    b) ii.

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  3. it is somewhat greater than 280.0g

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  4. 1. iii
    2. V because the sugar dissolves.

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