Solid NaI is slowly added to a solution that is .010M in Cu+ and .010M in Ag+...
a.) which compound will precipitate first
b.) calculate [Ag+] when CuI just begins to precipitate
c.)what % of Ag+ remains in solution.

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  1. AgI precipitates first because it has lower Ksp and lower solubility:
    Ksp =[ Ag+][I-] = 1.5x10^-16
    [0.010][I-] = 1.5x10^-16
    [I-] = 1.5x10^-14 when AgI begins to precipitate.

    Ksp = [Cu+][i-] = 5.3x10^-12 for CuI
    [0.010][I-] = 5.3x10^-12
    [I-] = ?___ when CuI begins to precipitate.

    [Ag+] = ?___
    % Ag+ in solution = (100)[Ag+]/ (0.010)

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