you own 5 pair of jeans and want to take 2 of them with you on vacation in how many ways can you choose 2 pairs of jeans
A.10 ways
B.15 ways
C.4 ways
D.20 ways

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  1. i got a. 10 ways

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  2. Thanks for answer but that doesn't really help me

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  3. So, lay out the jeans in a row. There are 5 pairs. Pick the first one. There are 5 ways to do it, right?

    That leaves 4 pairs to choose the other one you want. There are 4 ways to pick that one.

    So, for each of your first 5 choices, you have 4 other choices, making 5*4 = 20 ways to pick the 2 pairs.

    But, picking red,blue is the same as picking blue then red, so we have to divide the total by 2, since the order of choosing does not matter.

    That leaves 10, which is 5!/(2!3!)

    Better review the material on combinations.

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