Please could you help me that I don't have run on sentences or if I need commas.After reading "Man's Nature is Good" Mencius argues that man is born good but, that life itself makes a man evil. He states "Human nature is inherently good, just like water flows inherently downhill" There's no such thing as a person who isn't good, just as there's no water that doesn't flow downhill. (Mencius, 95) Mencius makes his argument clearly when he states "In good years, young men are mostly fine. In bad years, they're mostly cruel and violent. (Mencius,96) His argument is effective if a person sees his point of view. He wanted to make his argument clear that a person is born good but, that life changes a person. If a person has a good life he would be good, however if a person has a rough life he would become evil. Mencius said: "The forests were once lovely on OX Mountain. But as they were near a great city, axes cleared them little by little. Now there's nothing left of their beauty. (Mencius,97)

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asked by Robert
  1. Read this and edit yourself:


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    posted by Reed
  2. This may also help:


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