LA - 2 questions

Which of the following is the most useful question to ask when analyzing causes and effects in a literary work?
How are these two events related?
What is the central theme of the work?
What happens to the main characters?
How will the readers most likely respond to the work?

Which of these strategies helps you draw conclusions about characters in a play?
observing characters' interactions with one another.*****
noting which characters have the most dialogue in the play.
knowing whether or not the characters are based on real people.
deciding which characters are most important in the play.

Not sure about #1. It's not A or C, it's either A or D but I'm leaning towards D. The 2nd one I choose A. Please help/check! Thx

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  1. You are correct on #2. The best answer for #1 is A. Cause and effect are related. It's up to the audience or reader to figure out how (the playwright must give the audience clues).

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    posted by Reed

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