Half of Sarah's wire is equal to 2/5 of Daniels. Chris has 3 times as much as Sarah. In all, their wire measures 6 ft. How long is Sarah's wire in feet?

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  1. Dan ---- x
    Sarah ---(2/5)x
    Chris --- (6/5)x

    x + 2x/5 + 6x/5 = 6
    times 5
    5x + 2x + 6x = 30
    13x = 30
    x = 30/13 ft

    Sarah --- (2/5)(30/13) = 12/13

    (chris has (6/5)(30/13)= 36/13

    check: 30/13 +12/13 + 36/13 = 78/13 = 6
    my answer is correct

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  2. 1/2 S=2/5 D
    S=4/5 D


    6/5 D + 4/5 D + D=6
    S= 4/5 D=8/5
    C=6/5 D=12/5
    check, add them up to see if it is aix feet.

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  3. diagram needed

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  5. hey

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