Details of Rampurva Bull Capital with photographs




(scroll and scan; look at 106 down the page)


One blurb I found:

"Another pillar stands at Rampurva, in northern Bihar . It has a superb bull carved at the top. Parts of Ashoka's inscriptions can still be read on these ..."
But the website is regretably. dysfunctional

What has been Australia’s involvement in UNESCO, UN conventions and international environmental treaties?

ya know, that's funny, coz that's the EXACT question whose answer i was searching for. and that's because you, too, are doing the baulkham hills high school history 2006 year 10 research assessment. and this, is cheating. well, maybe it isn't, because it's still finding information, but the fact is that you are looking for easy answers. instead of searching for them yourself, you sit and wait for others to give them to you. that is SO typical of lazy school kids. oh well, other than me, nobody's bothered to post an answer anyway, so it serves you right.

btw, you can just search for each of those on google, like, individually, and you'll find the answers EASILY. also try looking on the Australia-UN website. sorry for being such a brat and telling you off before. even if you do deserve it, that wasn't a nice thing of me to do.

it isn't hard anymore.however i wish you all success.

send ne the history of rampurva , its features,location , phycial environment, materials used in building

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asked by Tuhin

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