Pre Calculus

please help me with this problem? I don't know how ro do it. please show me step by step.

Write the slope intercept form the equations of the lines through the given point parallel to the given line and (B) perpendicular to given line.

point slope
((7,-2) m= 1/2

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asked by Joseph
  1. Let me change the problem. Find a line perpenduclar to a line thrue 4,5 and having slope 4

    new slope of perpendicular line..-1/4

    y=mx + b
    5=(-1/4)4 + b
    y=(-1/4)x+ 6 is the equation.

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    posted by bobpursley
  2. thanks now i get it

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    posted by Joseph
  3. Lowest terms

    4x+12/5x^2 + 21x + 18

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    posted by jessica

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