Question #1
For a 170lb person, calculate the quanities of each of the following that must be ingested to provide the LD50 for caffine given if caffine is equal to 192 LD50(mg/kg).

1)Cups of coffee if one cup is 12 fluid ounces and there is 100mg of caffine per 6 fl oz of dripped brewed coffee.

2)Cans of cola if one can contains 50mg of caffine

3) Tablets of No-Doz if one tablet contains 100mg of caffine

Question #2
In Mexico, avocados are 46 pesos per kilogram. What is the cost in cents of an avocado that weighs 0.45lb if the exchange rate is 11 pesos to the dollar? Express the answer in two significant figures.

*Answer needs to be in cents.

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  1. For 1-1.
    step 1.Convert 170 lb to kg = ?? kg.
    step 2. 192 mg/kg x ?? kg = mg caffeine for the 170# person to reach the LD50.
    step 3. Convert mg caffeine to cups coffee knowing that 1 cup coffee contains 200 mg caffeine.

    2-3 are done the same way with only step 3 being different.

    Check my thinking.

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  2. Problem 2.
    This is just a problem in conversions.
    step 1. convert 0.45 lb to ?? kg.

    step 2. convert ??kg to pesos at 46 pesos/kg = yy pesos

    step 3. now convert yy pesos to cents knowing that 11 pesos = 100 cents

    Check my thinking. Check my numbers. Post your work if you get stuck.

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