ok so I have no idea what I'm suppose to do or what this question is even asking me...

determine the units of the quanity described by the following combinations of units:

a. kg (m/s)(l/s)
b. (kg/s)(m/s^2)
c. (kg/s) (m/s)^2
d. (kg/s) (m/s)

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asked by I NEED HELP
  1. a. kg (m/s)(l/s)
    this is kg m/s^2
    which is mass times acceleration
    which is force in Newtons

    b. this is Newtons/second, beats me

    c. kg m/s^2 * m/s
    this is force in Newtons times distance/second
    which is work per second
    which is power in watts

    d. looks the same as a to me

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    posted by Damon
  2. In each case, you can just multiply the units together to get the "units" of the answer. You can also rewrite kg m/s^2 as Newtons or kg (m/s)^2 as Joules

    1. Is the "l" supposed to be liters? or the number 1?
    If liters, then the combination is Newton-liters, or 10^-3 Joule*m^2
    2. N/s
    3. J/s
    4. N

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    posted by drwls

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