Vivian has been having abdominal pains for the past week. Now that she has started her new job and received her new health insurance, she is finally able to schedule an appointment with a doctor. As Vivian arrives in the waiting area of the new doctor’s office, she notices the simple interior design: gray walls, black chairs, and two notes on the walls stating, “Turn off cell phones” and “Have co-pay ready.” She signs in at the front desk and hopes to talk to someone about the urgency of her pain. As she begins to speak, however, the assistant interrupts her, instructing her to take a seat, then quickly calls a waiting patient up to the desk. Vivian sits down and tries to suffer through the pain quietly. When Vivian is finally called back to the examining room, the doctor walks in and begins talking as if he were in a race. “Hi, Vivian. I’m Doctor Walls. I’m just going to listen to your breathing.” He tells her every step he is taking during her examination, then asks her the following questions: “When did you start feeling the pain?” “How often do you get the pains?” “Does any other part of your body hurt?” Vivian responds to his questions and watches as he quickly writes notes in her medical file. He prescribes pain medication, stipulates that she may have an ulcer, and instructs her to set up another appointment for an ultrasound. “Do you have any questions?” he asks as he is about to walk out the door. A bit overwhelmed, she replies, “No, I guess that’s it.”

I need to get
1) Patient's perspective
2) medical assistant's perspective
3) physician's perspective

This what I have so far, could you please help me expand on this, as I am little bumped as to what to write, thank you.

1)The patient’s perspective in this scenario is one where she expected that the medical assistant would have at least listened to her complaints about the pain she was suffering and then put it in her notes so that the physician would already have an idea about Vivian’s problem and be able to diagnose her correctly.
2) The medical assistant’s perspective is one where she believes that it is the physician’s role to listen to the patient and ask questions about the symptoms which the patient is suffering from.

I need some more input please.

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  1. Obviously, this is a very busy office. The assistant's perspective is that she has a lot to do and needs to work as efficiently as possible to get all of the patients logged in and sent to the doctor.

    The doctor also is aware of time constraints. He has a set routine for assessing patients and seems to have done his job efficiently.

  2. Thank you Ms. Sue.

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  3. You're welcome, Brenda.

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