Memorizing Spanish

hey guys. how can i memorize spanish phrases like Buenos Dias or Buenos Tardes or Adios, etc...

(sry i can't spell in spanish yet.)

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asked by Jay
  1. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Let me see if this will copy. If not, I'll come back and retype it:

    So you want to learn another language? The first thing to do is analyze what type of learner you are. If you learn best by something visual, you need to SEE what you want to learn. If you learn aurally, you need to HEAR what you want to learn. If you learn kinesthetically, you need to PHYSICALLY be involved in what you are learning.

    Here is something you can do, besides the usual flash cards, repetition, chanting, etc. Get a hand-held tape recorder. Record what you want to learn, leaving a space after each word or expression. Now, at first only listen passively. This is as close to learning by osmosis as you can get! Then, listen and repeat in that space you left, trying to match exactly the pronunciation, intonation of the model. To do this you need to be sure that the model is correct. If you are not that good at Spanish yet, get someone who is to put it on tape for you. The third step is to listen, say, and read (see) what you are trying to learn. Then, when you can listen, say, close your eyes and "see" it in your mind's eye you are ready for the final step. Listen and write in that space, then checking VERY closely with the written script, having the exact spelling, including accents.

    This type of practice will hit every style of learning and you will soon know what is best for you, individually.


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  2. P.S. The "key" to memorization is REPETITION. However you do that; you could sing it even! It becomes like a "mantra." When it comes to vocabulary, label everything you can in the house. For example, take a "chair." You label it "la silla" and everytime you see it, touch it, move, sit in it, you say (outloud if it won't disturb anyone!) "la silla" until you learn to associate "la silla" with the item. It is no longer the "chair!" That is part of TPR or Total Physical Response.


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