How many gallons of distilled water must be mixed with 50 gallons of a 30% alchohol solution to get a 25% solution?

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asked by chelsea
  1. A 30% solution (I assume we are talking about volume/volume percent here) is 30 gallons alcohol + 70 gallons water OR
    [30 gallons alcohol/(30 gal alcohol+70gal water)]*100. 50 gallons of a 30% solution would contain 15 gal alcohol + 50 gal solution (or 15 gal alcohol + 35 gal water).
    [(15 gal alcohol)/(15 gal alc+35 gal water+ x gal water)]*100.
    Solve for x gal water. Check my thinking. Check my work.

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    posted by DrBob222

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