college chemistry

What si the pH of a solution of 10^-8 M HCl in H2O?

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asked by Julie
  1. It is a trick question. This HCl is very dilute, the H+ contribution from it is 1/10th the contribution from the water (H+=10^-7).

    So here, the H+ is 1.1*10^-7.

    pH=-log(1.1*10^-7)=6.96...hardly acid, of course.

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  2. A bag contains a mixture of copper and lead BBs. The average density of the BBs is 9.60 .Assuming that the copper and lead are pure, determine the relative amounts of each kind of BB.
    Express your answers numerically separated by a comma.

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    posted by wynneh
  3. 8.3

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    posted by jada Rickerson

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