7th grade math

Can you check the folowing problems.

1. 8(10) + 8(4) = 8(14) is an example of which property?
A. Distributive property
B. Associative property
C. Identiy property
D. Commutative property

2. By Saturday night, 3 inches of rain had fallen in Happy Valley. The weekend
forecast predicted at least 8 inches of rain. How much more rain must fall on Sunday for this forecast to be correct?
A. at most 5 in.
B. at least 5 in.
C. at most 11 in.
D. at least 11 in.
Ans: B. at least 5 in.

3. Solve 5 - (x/9) <= 17
A. x >= 108
B. x >= -108
C. x <= 108
D. x <= -108
Ans: B. x >= -108

4. In a photograph, the height of table is 3.8cm. If the scale factor is 1/25, what is the actual height of the table?

Ans: 3.8(25) = 95cm
But not sure how to prove to use 25 or represent it. I know that it should be the whole since 1/25 is the reduced scale. Can you explain?

5. Solve (2/9)x + 2 = 1/18
(2/9)x = 1/18 - 2
(2/9)x = 1/18 - 1 18/18
(2/9)x = -1 17/18
(2/9)x = -35/18
(9/2)(2/9)x = -35/18(9/2)
x = -35/4
Ans x = -8 3/4

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  1. all correct
    ratio of model to full scale is 1/25

    1/25 = 3.8/h

    h = 25 * 3.8 = 95 yes

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  2. THank you.

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