I really want to learn Latin. If I want to become an Archeologist I think I may need to know the language if I find anything on it.

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asked by Skele

    Latin is beautiful in itself. In addition, knowing it will help in your reading, writing, thinking, vocabulary, spelling, etc., in English! Knowing it will help you learn other languages more easily, especially those languages that descended from it -- Italian, Spanish, French, and others.


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  2. A highly recommended set of book to leaarn Latin are the ones about Minimus mouse by Barbara Bell.

    They are so much better than the ones I had to use.

    Rather than straight Arch you might consider a combined Arch and Anthropology course. Also keep up the sciences as there is a surprising amount of science in modern archaeology courses.

    Good luck

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    posted by Dr Russ
  3. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Let me share some of my Latin sites with you:

    1. (2 dozen short lessons):

    2. (Latinum):

    3. (CD/ROM series):

    4. (Rosetta Stone software):


    1. (table of Latin verbs):

    2. (conjunctions):

    3. (Latin grammar):

    4. (dictionary):

    5. (dictionary):

    6. (Amsco Publications; I suggest the 3rd one, pink & black Latin I Review): (Broken Link Removed)


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    posted by SraJMcGin

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