Could you please check my work about complete ionic and net ionic equations. They really confuse me. My original equation, after I balanced, was:
FeCl2(aq)+Na2S(aq)=FeS(s)+2NaCl(aq). For complete Ionic I think its:
Fe^2+^(aq)+2Cl^-^(aq)+2Na^+^(aq)+S^2-^=FeS(s)+2Na^+^(aq)+2Cl^-^(aq). If that part is correct, I am uncertain if the net ionic would be this:
Fe^2+^(aq)+S^2-^ = FeS(s) I'm still new at this and find it very confusing so any feedback would be appreciated.

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  1. Your complete balanced equation is correct. Good work!
    Your complete ionic equation is correct except for omitting the (aq) on S^2-(aq) on the left. I'm sure that's just a typo. Still a good job!

    Now, how do you turn a complete ionic equation into a net ionic? You've done the hard part; this is the easy part.
    Just cancel any ion common to both sides.
    Here is your complete ionic equation with the S^2-(aq) correction I made to it.

    Fe^2+^(aq)+2Cl^-^(aq)+2Na^+^(aq)+S^2-(aq) = FeS(s)+2Na^+^(aq)+2Cl^-^(aq)

    Fe^2+(aq) on the left is not on the right so it stays. 2Cl^-(aq) on the left and the same on the right cancel. Cross those out. 2Na^+(aq) on the left and right cancel. Cross those out. S^2-(aq) on the left is not matched on the right so it stays. That leaves also FeS(s) on the right with none on the left so it stays. What's left is the NET ionic equation.
    Fe^2+(aq) + S^2-(aq) ==> FeS(s)

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  2. balls

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