Hello I am having quite a bit of trouble trying to figure out a better way to answer this.
1. In the video, The Fates Present: Pyramus & Thisbe,There are parts of the animated version in which there is a character, who appears at the beginning of the animation first, and who seems to have something flowing from its hands. This character reappears at other times in the animation, and at one time he uses scissors on the material that had been flowing from his hands. Who or what do you think this character is, and why is the character there? What does it represent, in your opinion? Why might the animators have made the decision to include this character which does not exist in the original version of the tale?

*I put "I think that the characters were the 3 fates. The one at the beginning was the one that was spinning the thread of Pyramus and Thisbe’s life, then the one in the middle was measuring how long Pyramus and Thisbe’s life was, and the one at the end was cutting Pyramus and Thisbe’s thread because they died. I think that they were there to kind of foreshadow what was going to happen."
Is this a good answer, if not is there a better way to word it? Thanks in advance!

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