significant figures

(42.70 + 0.259) / 28.4

I wanted to know, if it 1.510 or 1.51? because it has to be correct sig figs.

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asked by soojung
  1. Your answer will be 1.51 because my teacher said you always solve for the lowest original number of sig figs in your problem, which in this case would be 3

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    posted by Lisa
  2. wait oops xd i forgot rest of problem

    it was

    (42.70 + 0.259) / 28.4445 >_< sorry about that

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    posted by soojung
  3. I don't understand the <_>.
    When you multiply or divide, Lisa is correct; i.e., the answer contains no more significant figures than the least accurate of the values used in the multiplication or division. For example, 24.3 x 0.98774 = 24.0082. Since the 24.3 has the smaller number of s.f., the answer should be rounded to 3 places which would make it 24.0
    When the numbers are added or subtracted, the rule is a little different. For example,
    24.1 + 0.113 + 0.5 = 24.71300 which will be rounded to the "NEAREST 0.1 SINCE that is the least accurate of the numbers. The answer will be 24.7. Here is a site that may help you.

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    posted by DrBob222

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