If a .750g sample of magnesium chloride is dissolved in water and then treated with a silver nitrate solution how many grams of silver chloride should be collected?

I don't understand what my first step should be.

The balanced equation is
MgCl2+2AgNO3=2AgCl+Mg (NO3)2

Do I have to convert to moles? Please help.

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  1. I got the answer 1.125grams.

    Please help!

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  2. 0.750g of MgCl2*(1 mol/95.211g)=0.007877 mol of MgCl2

    *****1 mol of MgCl2=2 moles of AgCl

    This is the key and is where your error lies.

    0.007877 mol of MgCl2*(2 mol of AgCl/MgCl2)=0.01575 moles of AgCl

    0.01575 moles of AgCl*(143.32 g/mol)=2.26g of AgCl


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