11th grade u.s. history

Describe the Puritians. What were their beliefs? Why did they leave England? What did they accomplish in the new world?


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asked by chris
  1. If you tell us what you know about the Puritans, we'll be more than happy to comment and add to your ideas.

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    👤 Ms. Sue
  2. I know that they left englang seeking religious freedom. Also that they believed that everything should be guided by the b1bl3

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    posted by chris
  3. That's a good start.

    They left England because they wanted relgious freedom. They hoped to gain the freedom to worship as they pleased in the New World.


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    👤 Ms. Sue
  4. You should also think about the Puritans in the religous context of England at the time (mid 16C) as they were non-conformists.

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    posted by Dr Russ

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    posted by Johniela
  6. also remember that there are two groups, Puritans, and more religiously zealous puritains called Seperatists. The Seperatists were the puritans who went to the new world (america) and founded Massachusettes to create a land of religious oppurtunity and purity.

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    posted by josh

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