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A typical fluorescent light bulb contains argon gas and mercury vapor.?

a. If the total gas pressure in a fluorescent light bulb is 307.1 Pa and the partial pressure of the argon gas is 306.0 Pa, what is the partial pressure of the mercury vapor?

b. If a 935-mL fluorescent bulb contains 4108 mg of argon gas and 77 mg of mercury vapor, what is the total gas pressure in the fluorescent bulb at 313 K?

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  1. a. Ptotal = pHg + pAr

    b. mols Ar gas = grams/molar mass = ?
    mols Hg gas = grams/molar mass = ?

    Total mols gas = nHg + nAr
    Then use PV = nRT and solve for P at the conditions listed. Remember V is in L.

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