pre calculus

The base of an Isosceles triangle is half as long as the two equal sides. Write the area of the triangle as a function of the length of the base.
the answer is:
A=a^2times the square root of 15
How did they get this answer? Thanks!

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  1. The area of a triangle is half its base times its vertical height. Call the base a. Now: you know that the other two sides are twice as long as that, so they're each 2a. What you need to find out now is the vertical height - so think of your isosceles triangle as two right-angled triangles back-to-back. You've got the base of each one (a/2), and you've got the hypoteneuse (2a). Can you now work out the height?

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  2. After you have the height, though, what do you do?

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  3. Yes,what do you do at that point? then you have the height as 4, but where does the 15 come in?

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  4. The length of the base of an isososeles triangle is one fourth the length of one of its legs. If the perimeter of the triangle is 62in, what is the lengthof the base?

    What is the formula to work this?

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