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1. Which of the following was an effect of the assembly line?
A) it made workers want to return farms
B) it made clothing more expensive to produce
C) it increased demands for worker compensation
D) it drove down the cost of clothing production ***

2. Who introduced the idea of interchangeable parts?
A) Eli Whitney ***
B) Henry ford

3. What were the effects of urbanization in New England in the 1800s?
A)Many of the towns imitated Philadelphia's grid pattern for cities to attract more workers.
B)New England towns established the first hospitals and police departments in the United States.
C) Rapid population growth led to the creation of soup kitchens and shelters for the cities' poor.
D)Rapid growth of the textile industry created a need for more housing and public services. ***

4. Which answer best describes the impact of the McCulloch vs. Maryland court case?
A)The case proved that federal banks had to follow state laws.
B)The case established the right for states to tax federal agencies.
C)The case proved that the states cannot challenge the implied federal powers. ***
D) The case proved that state laws were more important than federal ones.

5. Why did Andrew Jackson describe the election of 1824 as a “corrupt bargain”?
A) He thought that John Marshall had been bribed to make unfair Supreme court decisions
B) He thought that John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay made a deal to each get the position they wanted ***

6. What did people in both the North and the South have in common during the late 1800s?

A)People increased their use of both renewable and non-renewable natural resources. ***
B)Factories, railroads, and industry were more important to the economy than agriculture.
C)Both groups of people understood that they needed to take care to protect natural resources.
D)People cut down forests for farming land, as it was the most important part of the economy.

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  1. I believe your answers are all right.

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