You earn $10.00/hour and work 40 hours/week. You invest $4,000.00 at an interest rate of 5% APR for a year. How much interest did that savings earn in a year in terms of hours of work?
100 hours
20 hours
40 hours
400 hours

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  1. I = Prt
    I = 4,000 * 0.05
    I = $200

    200 / 10 = _______ hours of work

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  2. Ms Sue my name is AD can you please help me with a big Math problem I have to do?

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  3. I'll try, but my math knowledge is limited to elementary problems.

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  4. ok this is Gather a set of data. Choose a small sample, between 10 and 20 pieces of data, and a simple value to measure, such as the ages of visitors in a park, or the number of text messages each person in your family receives in one day.
    Choose a display for your data, such as a frequency table, line plot, histogram, or bar graph. Display your data in your chosen format in a way that is misleading. You may use inconsistent intervals, an uneven scale, and so on.
    Use your display to draw a misleading inference about the data.the question:

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  5. Thanks, that helped.

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  6. I just need help understanding the problem and then I think I can go further, but if you can't help do you know of anyone that can assist me please?

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  7. AD -- Please post your questions as New Questions. Don't piggy back on another's post.

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