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Which statement best explains how Ralph Waldo Emerson, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Ned Buntline were similar?

A. They all attempted to revive traditional religious values.

B. They were all founders of influential social-reform movements.

C. They all shaped the literary culture in the United States.

D. They were all strongly influenced by the ideals of Transcendentalism.

is it d

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  1. No. Buntline wrote cheap novels.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. is it c or a

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  3. Wow i cant believe what i'm reading people come here for help she eliminated!Isn't this place you go to for help? Not to see and read things in this manner!

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  4. This seems like an FLVS question (from an exam or module 8 segment test) and the best way to pass a test is to study first. I would study then use my school resources to help me answer this... Then I go to websites and do my research to confirm my answer. that is the way to make me proud of what I got even if it's a 50 percent I know I didn't just sit around hope for someone to answer it for me. I did this before and I do believe it is C and I would never like anyone to cheat on a test because that's cheating on who you are too and tests are suppose to see where you at so teachers can know how to help you.

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