hello.i have to factor this expression.

i did my work and i got (y-4)(y+1)
is it right?

asked by HI
  1. (3 y + 2)(y - 6)

    posted by Damon
  2. thank you!

    posted by HI
  3. You are welcome.

    posted by Damon
  4. can you show how u got that answer please???

    posted by HI
  5. Sure, fooled around with factors of 12
    3 and 4 did not work, 1 and 12 did not work, so tried 6 and 2

    posted by Damon
  6. I wrote

    (3 y - ) (y + )
    and tried factors
    soon saw needed
    (3 y + ) (y - )

    then fooled with 3 and 4 and then 6 and 2 until it worked

    posted by Damon
  7. i messed up on my math . i used -12 and 3. now i know why i messed up. thank you again.:)

    posted by HI
  8. No problem :)

    posted by Damon

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